silks leafpaper

Materials: silk, gold, silver, linen, cotton, viscose

“silks” – the finest materials are spun using traditional methods to produce thread that is then woven in a similar way to conventional, woven materials. Later on, the fabric is bonded with the paper backing material and sealed.
Silk wallpapers of the highest quality lend walls an almost transparent appearance.

“leafpaper” – in the same way as gold leaf is applied, countless wafer-thin leaves are positioned accurately by the hands of artists. Unlike gold leaf that is applied directly to a wall or ceiling using oil, this method gives greater control over the result since the working conditions on a table are significantly better than on a piece of scaffolding when working on areas of ceiling. The fibrous membrane we use as a backing material removes any slight unevennesses on the background surface and covers up any hairline cracks that occur later. With gold leaf that is applied directly onto walls, any cracks that appear later are irreparable.

Our leafpaper surface has a coating that does not alter the original gold/silver significantly, but protects it against oxidation, without detracting from the genuine appearance of the gold/silver material that has been used. Metallic surfaces are particularly effective in combination with lustrous, bohemian style structured silks.

“cotton” – is made from cotton that has been left almost in its original state and displays a large number of black dots, i.e. calyxes that have not been washed out.

Owing to the natural materials used, there are variations in colour and structure that are desirable to connoisseurs, and are therefore no reason for complaint. Since these wallpapers are made from natural materials they are not light resistant. Over the years, however, this change in colour produces a patina-like effect, which retains the decorative character. Please be generous with your measurements and order an extra roll to keep in reserve. This is because orders placed later will differ in colour and structure, due to the fact that these are natural products.

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