Hanging instructions

Preparing the wall

Alkaline hanging surfaces cause the metallic layer to oxidise. Hanging surfaces must be perfectly smooth. Any unevenness will show through the paper. We recommend that you apply a layer of the special thick non-woven fabric UNDERLINER, which will cover minor unevenness and create an even hanging surface. This UNDERLINER is hung edge-to-edge and is applied to the pre-pasted and sealed wall. We recommend using undiluted dispersion adhesive. Under certain circumstances it is worth painting joins and edge areas the same colour as the base colour of the wallpaper to achieve a more professional finish. In our experience, this very thick and easy to apply liner is the ideal hanging surface for high quality wallpapers. We have not found a material to equal UNDERLINER and would therefore honestly recommend decorators to use this product to prepare the wall surface. This non-tearing, crack-covering, non-woven liner material can be ordered together with wallpapers.

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