Hanging instructions

Surface must be dry, smooth, solid, clean, absorbent, workable and of a neutral light colour. For this kind of wallcovering a surface with a good capacity of absorbing liquids is of paramount importance. We recommmend to use a maculation with a special paste.

Preparing the wall

Please check article number, colours, shade and material before cutting the lenghts. Follow pattern repeat information. Different pattern numbers are not to be used at the same wall. Please check after each length.

Mix ratio:

Please use a special wallpaper paste for non-woven wallcoverings. Apply the wallpaper paste evenly and thinly onto the surface (wall) with a lambskin roller. Please follow the recommendations of the paste fabricants.


Start from the window and draw a perpendicular line. Apply paste on this part of the wall, put the wallcovering into the paste and press on with a soft wallpapering brush or sponge rubber roller.

Adjoin subsequent lengths of wallcovering similarly. Process the lenghts in the order of their production. Use little wallpaper paste only.

Fabrics with designs are to be adjoined next to each other at eye level and – if necessary – make a double cut to adjust the repeat. Avoid paste spots on the wallcovering.

Textile wallcovering:

As textile wallcoverings are made from natural products, variations in shade and structure may occur. This is a proof of authenticity and therefore no reason for complaints.

Generally complaints without proof will not be accepted. In case of a complaint, please send a small sample and the label. Processed or cut material as well as any expenses for papering will not be reimbursed.

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