Hanging instructions

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Welter metalls 34156 K–34158 K
the mylars, cole metalls 34196 K–34342 K

Check the product for quantity, colour and quality before you start. Cut and hang just three sheets at first since some flaws do not become visible until after the paper has been hung and dried completely. If you do find any faults, we can only accept complaints for a maximum of three lengths.

Avoid creasing paper when hanging. Please note the following guidelines.

Preparing the wall

Alkaline hanging surfaces cause the metallic layer to oxidise. Hanging surfaces must be perfectly smooth. Any unevenness will show through the paper. We recommend that you apply a layer of the special thick non-woven fabric UNDERLINER, which will cover minor unevenness and create an even hanging surface. This UNDERLINER is hung edge-to-edge and is applied to the pre-pasted and sealed wall. We recommend using undiluted dispersion adhesive. Under certain circumstances it is worth painting joins and edge areas the same colour as the base colour of the wallpaper to achieve a more professional finish. In our experience, this very thick and easy to apply liner is the ideal hanging surface for high quality wallpapers. We have not found a material to equal UNDERLINER and would therefore honestly recommend decorators to use this product to prepare the wall surface. This non-tearing, crack-covering, non-woven liner material can be ordered together with wallpapers.


Welter metalls: Hang wallpaper lengths edge-to-edge. We have marked each of the rolls of wallpaper in the same place. Please hang sheets with this marking first at the top and then at the bottom. The decorations are printed by hand. It is a feature of this technique that the patterns may not always line up exactly. You need to compensate for slight variations by eye. The wallpaper is applied to the pre-pasted wall. Mix up textile adhesive, e.g. Metylan NP in a ratio of 1:8 and apply evenly to the wall with a roller. Wipe the back of the wallpaper very lightly with a damp, but not a wet cloth. Hang perpendicularly onto the wall and press on with a paper hanging brush. Apply remaining pieces edge-to-edge.

You must not get any adhesive on the front of the wallpaper. If this does happen, wipe off immediately with a soft cloth. Adhesive will leave dull flecks on the metallic surface. You are therefore advised to keep a bucket of clean water containing a little detergent handy at all times.

Any bubbles, unless caused by a lack of paste, will disappear within a day.

You can cut the paper while wet. It is extremely tear-resistant and holds its shape well even when wet. These wallpapers are hand-made and colour shading will be visible in places on individual sheets. It is a feature of these unique products which is valued by connoisseurs.

We can only accept complaints for up to three sheets provided the remainder is returned to the manufacturer.


Do not drop the following items!

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