Hanging instructions surfaces

The goods should be checked on quantity, colour and general condition before starting, Always only cut and process 3 lengths as most faults occur after glueing and drying of the wallpaper. In case of errors only three lengths will be compensated.

Wall condition

Remove old wallpapers and rests, smoothen base and fill holes. The wall should be durable, dry, clean smooth, slightly absorbent, uni coloured and not to strongly shadowed. Strongly absorbent walls with dark colours need to be preped. With dark or strong colours the sides can be lightly coloured beforehand, to enhance the result. Walls should never exceed a 4% moister content.

Always cut the wallpaper according to the pattern with an additional 5cm above and below and lightly mark the topside. Use for this only a balpen. Do not reverse alternate lengths. Apply glue „Metylan NP“ evenly with a lamswool roller on the wall. Do not fold the wallpaper or leave glue on the topside of the wallpaper. Place the wallpaper on the wall and remove airbubbles with a roller. Draft should be avoided when the wallpaper dries. Double side cut is possible.

These sides of the wallpaper are cut.

Hanging instructions shell mica/ fine mica.

The wallpaper should be glued on a clean surface with Metylan spezial and 20% Ovalit T. Glue the wallpaper and and leave to soak. Do not leave glue on the topside. The walls should be uni coloured.

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