platinum abacca

Material: sisal, jute, grass, paper.

Precious materials are spun in traditional manner into threads to be processed in the same way as fabrics. Afterwards the spun material is combined with a paper backing and stuck together. By using the highest quality natural materials (abacca, bamboo, grass), we finish the product with metallic pigments by hand. The natural irregularities like knots, variable thread thickness and colour differences are used to create a individual wall surface. The modern demand for high durability, high light fastness, easy cleaning and fire retard ness are all met.

Colour and structure differences in both sample books and between orders are also to be expected when reordering, please make sure you measure everything ample. When ordering a specific colour scheme please include a colour sample and the correct required quantity.

Platinum abacca is available in breadths of up to 5 meters long. On request and surcharge longer rolls are available.

“liquid platinum abacca” – a highly challenging contrast, a natural material with an iridescent colour made by hand, the effect is exciting because the wallpaper changes appearance with different light fall as extreme from red to green.
© by Fausel Biskamp 2011