Hanging instructions, platinum abacca

Check the product for quantity, colour and quality before you start. Cut and hang just three sheets at first since some flaws do not become visible until after the paper has been hung and dried completely. If you do find any faults, we can only accept complaints for a maximum of three lengths.

Preparing the wall

Remove old wallpaper and loose plaster. Re-plaster uneven areas and rough surfaces. The hanging surface must be firm, dry, clean, smooth and lightly absorbent. Very absorbent surfaces should be pre-treated with a sealant. Light colours require a similar coloured hanging surface. You can retouch the edge areas in a corresponding colour if using darker or stronger colours to achieve a more professional finish at the joins. We recommend applying a liner, hung edge-to-edge to create a good hanging surface. Use the same adhesive mixing ratio as used with the wallpaper.

Adhesive Metylan Spezial 1:20 (1 packet to 4 litres of water) plus 20% Ovalit T.

We recommend that you apply a layer of the special thick non-woven fabric UNDERLINER, which will cover minor unevenness and create an even hanging surface. This UNDERLINER is hung edge-to-edge and is applied to the pre-pasted and sealed wall. We recommend using undiluted dispersion adhesive.

In our experience this very thick and easy to apply liner is the ideal hanging surface for high quality wallpapers. We have not found a material to equal UNDERLINER and would therefore honestly recommend decorators to use this product to prepare the wall surface. This non-tearing, crack-cov


Cut wallpaper to length according to your plan adding approx. 5 cm top and bottom for adjustment. Mark the top of the strips discretely. Do not drop the wallpaper and hang each piece in turn. Spread the paste evenly with a brush. Brush over once again if necessary once it has soaked in to ensure that the paste is absolutely even. As far as possible there should be only one sheet of wallpaper on the table at a time. Do not crease the paper and do not get any paste on the front. Hang the sheets edge to edge and remove air bubbles with a wallpaper roller. Avoid draughts in the room during the drying phase.

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